Best Painters in Laguna Beach

best painters in laguna beach

Orange County has different beautiful cities however each city is known for their area. From the from farm land to urban areas to the beach life. Each city has specific weathers that make up that city. In Newport Beach there isn't just one type of weather. It can vary from hot, to cold or even moist. For those home owners who know this type of weather, you are aware that there is certain limitations when fixing up your home. Its always better to hire a Laguna Beach Painting company than doing it yourself. However, you do need to keep these tips in mind.

1.Paint Quality

Not just any type of paint will work for your home. Whether you are painting inside and outside, there a few type of paint bases that is important to have in mind. There are water base and oil base. Let’s see the pros and cons of each paint. Water base paints are perfect for outdoors. A bonus from this material, is that you do not have to wait all day long for the paint to dry. This is very important, because most of us, like to be able to go do errands as we wait for the paint to dry. Is that not correct? We don’t have time to wait it'll the end of the day for paint to be done. Therefore, this could be a key point when picking the base. If you don’t plan on hiring the best painters in Laguna Beach and you plan on doing this alone or with the help of your family, then cleaning up is a big key factor as well. You want to be able to clean your paint brushes and be able to dispose of all unnecessary material with a simple cleaning process. Bottom line, water base paint is quick and Easy!

On the other hand, oil base paint has one of the most important pros. It’s very durable. This means that you won’t have to touch up in a few years. Since you live close to the beach this is a bonus! However, this type of pain takes a great deal of time to clean. If this is a DYI project, this right now be for you.

Whether you choose to go with water base or oil base is up to you. But if you live in a beach town like Laguna, you are aware that you get the “sea mist” which can in fact damage your exterior wood work on your home if the incorrect material is used. Also, do not forget that your home will have a lot of contact with the sun’s uv rays that cause fading on the paint. We all know for a fact that we do not want to keep paying every few years for touch ups that can dramatically increase with time.

2. Primer & Preparation

Before painting, a good primer is very important. You want to create a good foundation for the paint to sit on and last. If you plan on doing this at home, make sure to do tons of research. Here is a list of different types of primers that Sherman Williams Offers. The way to look at it is, if you want something to last and be from great quality, then you are going to have to buy good brands

3. Economy Paint vs Premium Paint

Yes we all love to save money. BUT, that doesn’t mean you want to spend little money on material just because you want to save money. In the long run, you will have to repaint again in the near future and regret the purchase. Due to the environment that your home is in, your paint will need to survive through wind, mist, rain, hail or even uv rays from the sun. Just think about it is it worth believing that you are saving money by buying cheap paint when you know that in 2-3 years you will have to pay or buy more paint to fix. But if you spend more money on quality paint, you wont have to paint for 5-8 years. That sounds like money saving to me!

Whether you are planning on doing this project alone or hiring laguna beach contractor, It is always important to be aware of the material going on your home. It will not only increase the beauty of your home, but also the value.